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Announcing CMSMS 2.1 (Bahamas)

Greetings CMSMS Users -- CMSMS 2.1 - Bahamas

Here we are again with another release of your favourite, powerful, and flexible open source content management system: Version 2.1 - "Bahamas".

This release includes a number of bug fixes as we continue to stabilize and improve the 2.x series, as well as a few notable feature improvements.

As usual, the changelog that is included with the release, and available for reading from within the installation assistant, will contain all of the details as to what has been improved, but we'll highlight a few of the big things here:

  • More compatibility improvements and fixes in relation to Smarty.
  • Improvements to browser caching behaviour
  • Added the adminonly=1 argument to the various {content} tags.
  • Improved MicroTiny Editor.
  • More Locking improvements.
  • Templates can now be hidden from lists.
  • Improvements to the 'system information' page.

To read full details for each of the above listed changes, please go to the announcement page now.  Visit the full 2.1 (Bahamas) announcement and release notes.

We remind everybody that when you encounter a problem and need to ask a question on the forum (or even when submitting a bug report) that you must include a copy of this as it provides us with some basic information that is useful when diagnosing issues.

As you can see, CMSMS 2.1 is an extensive release. There are features and bug fixes for everybody, and we think that the 2.x series is definitely becoming more usable and stable.

As of this version CMSMS 2.1 and CMSMS are the only officially supported versions. The members of the Dev Team are not asked to provide technical support (general questions) for previous versions. We will fix any critical bugs or security issues in the 1.12 series until September 2016.

Thank you, and have fun with CMSMS.

Your CMSMS Dev Team

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