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Announcing CMSMS Bug Fix

Only one day after 2.0.1 was released we were forced to issue a new release with a single bug fix consisting of only two lines.

This fix effects all modules that use the $smarty property of the module class (this property is now deprecated) Which is a significant number of older modules.

We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage all users to upgrade as soon as possible as it will affect the functioning of modules.

We encourage all module developers to not use the $smarty member of the module object and instead use the $smarty variable that is supplied in scope to all module actions. The $smarty property, along with the $config, and $db parameters are now officially deprecated.

Visit the CMS Made Simple blog to read the announcement.

The installation assistant package supports the ability to upgrade from CMSMS 1.12 right through to CMSMS The upgrade steps are identical to the installation steps. You can find more information in the README file that is embedded in the releases.

To view the Changelog and Download this release, visit the CMSMS Forge or

We would like to thank all of the people that reported issues to us, and made it easy for us to reproduce and therefore fix the issues. The Dev Team has worked hard to test, re-test and document each and every issue.

Your CMSMS Dev Team

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