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Dear CMS Made Simple Module Developers,

As you are probably aware, the Dev Team has been hard at work on CMSMS version 2.3. This is a major release, and as the old saying goes - you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

To that end, we're encouraging all module developers (that's you!) to give the beta a test drive. Your modules may require a few tweaks to work properly in version 2.3 and, while you're in there, you'll probably want to check for any incompatibilities with PHP 7.3.

A lot of information about the changes can be found in this forum post: and we also encourage you to join our Slack channel if you haven't already. You can request access at 

Thanks for being part of the CMSMS community - it's your contributions which make it great!

PS: if you aren't able to continue supporting your modules, perhaps consider passing them on to someone who can? There are also community members willing to sponsor their favourite modules - feel free to contact me directly on Slack (DIGI3) if you would like to discuss this further.

Matt Hornsby
Project Manager
CMS Made Simple


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