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We've got lots for you in this newsletter. A big win for CMS Made Simple, some ways to support us, a call for team members and a way of showing off your great CMS Made Simple website!


We won!


We are delighted to let you know that we won the award for ‘Best Open Source CMS’ in the CMS Critic 2017 Awards.

We’re so proud to have another accolade for CMS Made Simple. It reflects not only the fantastic ongoing work of the many volunteers who have been part of the Dev Team over the years, but also the strong support of the wonderful CMS Made Simple user base.

So, to all of you that voted in the awards, encouraged your customers to vote in the awards and generally showed CMS Made Simple the love it deserves, we the Dev Team would like to thank you. Your active participation in the community is always appreciated. Without all of you CMS Made Simple would not be the system it is today. We look forward to continuing the development of CMS Made Simple for you to make sure it remains at the top of its game for many years to come.

Once again. Thank you!


Patreon and other ways to support us


CMS Made Simple has been around since 2004 and has worldwide recognition from web developers large and small. We run several websites and have hosting and other costs to pay. That's why we ask for financial contributions from those able to pay.

There are several ways to give us money, including a new monthly option from Patreon. Patreon offers a way of supporting the creators you care about. You can sign up with Patreon and pledge a monthly amount from just US $ 3 upwards. Your card is then charged every month, enabling us to pay our bills and expenses and keep working on your favourite CMS. As a gesture of thanks your donation will enable access to a secret snippet - a monthly summary of information and upcoming plans only available to those who support us through Patreon.

There are other ways to help too, including Paypal single donations. Check out all the options here:

We ask that all users consider supporting us, even if only with a small amount.

Thank you for considering supporting us!


Show off your CMS Made Simple website


If you've made  a CMS Made Simple website to be proud of, please consider showing it off! We've got the perfect place for you to do that -

This website showcases many different types of CMS Made Simple website and really shows off the system's flexibility. It's a great way to show how versatile CMS Made Simple is. And a great way to show off your work.

Check it out today, look through the super websites already featured and submit yours:


Join the Dev Team


Although we have a dedicated band of Dev Team people throughout a number of time zones, we are looking out for more.  So if you know CMS Made Simple and can help out (even just a couple of hours a month) please consider joining us.  We don't bite.  We're particularly after help with marketing, video production and coding at the moment.

Check out the current Dev Team and a way of contacting us from the highly awesome Dev Team web page.


Thanks for reading.

Until next time!

Your CMS Made Simple Development Team

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