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The GeekMoot Newsletter!

Hello there!  We have a different newsletter for you this time around—we are devoting the entire newsletter to GeekMoot, the CMSMS Conference, held on 20th, 21st & 22nd of March 2015 in Ghent, Belgium.  We hope you'll be as excited as we are about the GeekMoot and the Devmoot to be held afterwards.  There's so much to tell you, so let's get stated.


Our stunning location for GeekMoot this year has a rich and diverse history.  Ghent (from the Celtic 'Ganda') is nestled at the confluence of the rivers Lys and Scheldt.  There has been a town here since Roman times.  Having survived the Romans and two Viking Invasions, the settlement here became a rich trading town from the end of the 10th century. In the middle ages its population was larger than that of London, Cologne or Antwerp.

Charles the 5th, who was not only Holy Roman Emperor but also King of Germany, King of Italy, King of Spain, and Lord of the Netherlands, was born here.  He returned to his home city of Ghent throughout his life.


How to get a ticket

That's easy! Just hop on over to the Geekmoot Website and click on the tickets page.  You can buy from there—and there's just enough time to still get an Earlybird ticket if you click before the 20th of Feb.  Hurry! 

Get a ticket now

Teasers!  Some of the events to look forward to in this year's schedule

In preparation for the release of the final events program, we're taking this opportunity to bring you some highlights to be found at Geekmoot 2015.

The Keynote
We are delighted that Robert Campbell, ‘Calguy’, project leader of CMSMS for many years, and now lead developer, is giving the keynote.  Robert will look at the history of CMS Made Simple, where we are now, and where we intend to go, with a particular focus on CMSMS 2.0

Advanced Smarty tips and tricks
A must-have skill set for any CMSMS Developer is the ability to bend Smarty to your will.  Here Fernando Morgado (JoMorg) takes us through Smarty functions, file based templates, template inheritance, and more!

Read about more of the events at the GeekMoot Site

Send a Dev Flying!

As you know, the CMSMS Devs are quite an international bunch :)  Some of the devs will need to fly long international flights to get to Belgium and while all good things in life should be free, air travel is not!

You can show your appreciation for your favorite CMS by donating towards sending some devs flying. Our undying gratitude and an honorable mention on the donations page are guaranteed.

Want to help? Add a donation at the GeekMoot site

How GeekMoot can supercharge your business

As I sit writing this article, I’m thinking about the jobs that I have on at the moment.  There are quite a few.  I can honestly say that around 50% of them would not be mine (or at least not in the way they are being done) without previous GeekMoots.  In those previous GeekMoots I have found customers, forged and solidified relationships with suppliers, plus I have learned a great deal about CMSMS on the way.  Oh, and I joined the Dev team!

Geekmoot is a fun weekend attended by serious people.  For most attendees it will at least mean travelling over one border.  For many it will mean a long journey through sea and air to get to Ghent.  People don’t come to GeekMoot on a whim.  People come to get something serious out of it.  

Read the full article on our blog

DEVmoot - an exclusive, in-depth session with Robert Campbell

It’s not like Robert hangs around in Europe a lot, so we have asked him if he is willing to do an in-depth session about coding for CMS made Simple, modules, etc. And he is.
Devmoot: A day of CMSMS programming wisdom with Robert Campbell, a.k.a. Calguy, aimed primarily at programmers who are writing or want to write custom business solutions for their customers.

Building Modules for CMSMS 2.0

Robert will deliver a lecture on developing modules for CMSMS 2.0.  This is an essential presentation for any developer who wants to get ahead of the curve with module development for the new version of CMSMS. 

Read more about the DEVmoot at the GeekMoot site

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