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Announcing CMSMS 1.12.1 (Rontiki)

Hello there!  We are happy to announce another maintenance release for CMSMS 1.x.

CMSMS 1.12.1 (Rontiki) is purely a maintenance release. It fixes numerous issues that have cropped up in the last few months.

The issues fixed include:

  • Smarty global variable problems for modules that use a new Smarty scope instead of the single scope provided by Smarty.
  • A significant performance optimization when managing content pages on larger sites. Though people with smaller sizes (a couple of hundred pages) and a less than stellar host should also see improvement.
  • An improved {get_template_vars} Smarty plugin.
  • A fix to the {content_image} tag regarding the name parameter.
  • Minor improvements to the module API's URL creation methods.
  • Minor improvements to the cms_url class
  • Fix a problem with {News number=1}
  • and more.

More details about the specific changes can be found in the CHANGELOG.txt file that is included with the distribution.

Because of the Smarty fixes and the performance optimization, we encourage all users to upgrade their websites to CMSMS 1.12.1 as soon as possible, particularly if you have more than 50 or so content items and/or use third party modules.

As per our support policy, CMSMS 1.12 and CMSMS 1.12.1 are now the only officially supported versions of CMSMS.

Thank you for your time, and have fun with CMSMS.

Your CMSMS Dev Team

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