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Announcing CMSMS 2.1.5 (High Rock)

Hello Everybody.

Today we would like to announce the release of CMS Made Simple version 2.1.5 - High Rock. This is a stability release fixing a number of issues that have surfaced over the past two months. Though none of the issues are show stoppers, there are issues that generally affect the usability of CMSMS. Therefore, we recommend that everybody upgrade their websites as soon as possible.

Some of the issues fixed in this release include:

  • Fixes to the 404 handler when using pretty URLs and a page-id could not be determined from the route
  • Improvements to the page alias mechanism when a page alias is already supplied
  • Fix a problem with editing of uid=1 by another admin user
  • More fixes to the clearing of cached files
  • Improvements to the way modules are installed and upgraded directly from the forge
  • Ensure that the 'Manage Stylesheets' permission exists for sites that were upgraded from CMSMS 1.12

As usual, the full list of changes in this version is available in the changelog that is included with the release and available from numerous other locations. We encourage you to read it.

A big thank you goes out to the people who identified these issues and contributed to their getting fixed, tested, and documented. Your time is appreciated.

Please visit the announcement on our website, at http://www.cmsmadesimple.org/2016/08/Announcing-CMSMS-2-1-5-High-Rock/

Your CMSMS Dev Team

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