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Nominate CMS Made Simple in the CMS Critic Awards 2017!

CMS Made Simple is entering the CMS Critic Awards 2017 and we need your nomination please!  Follow the link at the bottom of this post to go to the nomination page.

What’s in it for you?

Well, apart from giving your favourite Open Source CMS a pat on the back, it will help raise the CMSMS profile.  That can make it easier when pitching the software to new prospective clients by giving you some external source that rates CMSMS highly too.  That makes your sale (and your life) easier!  Simple!

Ok – now you're convinced, what do you do?

Please go to the link below.  Then fill in the quick form.  Nominate us in the BEST OPEN SOURCE CMS category.  Then click to send it across to CMS Critic.

That’s it!  The whole thing (including reading this) will take you less than a couple of minutes.  Now isn’t that worth it? 

Please only fill in the form once – we don’t want to spam the lovely people over at CMS Critic and that might invalidate your nomination. 

Nominate us now!  Go to

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