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Happy New Year from the CMS Made Simple Dev Team. We hope 2018 has started well for you!

This Month: New Year Renewal, Forum Focus and Join the Dev Team.


New Year Renewal


The new year period is often a time of renewal and we would like to remind you that CMS Made Simple is the result of thousands of hours of volunteer time. If you are able to, we would love for you to contribute to the project's running costs (e.g. hosting). You can contribute in a number of ways:

  • Patreon - giving a regular amount each month, from as little as US$ 3
  • PayPal - for a one-off contribution
  • Become a partner - and benefit from web links, free tickets to our Geekmoot conference, etc.

Now the new year is upon us please consider supporting the project if you can. Thank you!


Forum Focus


At the end of 2017 we decided the CMS Made Simple forum was in need of a clean-up, so we have implemented a reorganization. This has, hopefully, made the sub-forums easier to use and cleared some out of date areas.

If you haven't visited the forum in a while, please do so! It is a friendly place where people exchange ideas, projects, and ask for solutions to their problems. One of the many great things about CMS Made Simple is that there is normally more than one way to achieve something — and you can often find out alternatives on the forum when others explain their way of solving a problem.

Recent threads have included database connection issues, upgrade problems, colour changes in a sidebar, questions about a new module CGBetterForms, and discovering new CMS Made Simple websites featured in "CMS Show Off."

Join in with the forum and make it an even better place for CMS Made Simple developers, professionals and users.

Visit the CMS Made Simple forum.


Join the Dev Team


We have a dedicated band of Dev Team people throughout a number of time zones.  However, we are looking for more. So, if you know CMS Made Simple and can help out please consider joining us. We don't bite! In particular, we're looking for coders who can spare a few hours a month to work on some CMS Made Simple core code. We are also very interested in people with skills like marketing, writing, code testing, quality assurance and documentation. You don't have to be a coding geek to become a Dev Team member!

Check out the current Dev Team and a way of contacting us.


Thanks for reading. See you next time!

Your CMS Made Simple Development Team

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